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At Customer Collective Health, we leverage our healthcare expertise by blending it with our cross-sector experience. Our aim? Inspire healthcare companies to increase their marketing & sales impact. Get inspired by our blog posts.

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Bert Van Eeckhoudt

Founder CC Health &
Senior Manager Healthcare

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CC Health is part of Customer Collective.

Customer Collective is a Europe’s leading marketing collectives, delivering state-of-the-art marketing capabilities to ambitious companies that want to get ahead of the curve.

The group offers one-stop access to niche expertise in the five domains critical to business success:
customer strategy, digital, technology, data, and creative & performance.

By assembling dedicated, multi-disciplinary teams from across its member companies,
Customer Collective tackles any marketing challenge with ruthless focus and flawless coordination,
delivering world-class results to businesses across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Customer Collective includes addData, Ancor’d, Dignify, EnoRm, Fightclub, flowresulting, SalesX, The House of Marketing, Upthrust, and Webworks.