Customer Collective Health is launched: a complete marketing offer for companies in the health sector

Friday 5th of May 2023

Customer Collective Health is here! Read more on how the healthcare sector can benefit from combining expertise of different sectors.

Diegem, January 18th, 2022 – Customer Collective, a group that combines diverse areas of expertise in digital, customer strategy, data, technology, branding & performance, is launching its spin-off,  Customer Collective Health, to focus on companies in the healthcare sector.


“We have been working with a large number of companies across the health sector (pharma, over-the-counter, medical equipment & technology) for many years, and see an increasing demand for marketing expertise,” says Bert Van Eeckhoudt, who will lead the spin-off.
Sector in transition

“The health sector is in full transition, and the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the pace of that transition even more. For example, we observe that our customers need better digital knowledge, want to raise the bar in terms of customer experience and have questions about the organisation of their marketing team. At the same time, the health sector remains highly regulated and strongly focused on itself. We see that companies in the health sector too often make the mistake of looking only at sector peers when determining their marketing strategy and attracting new profiles,” says Van Eeckhoudt.

Inspiration from other industries

These observations gave rise to the idea of Customer Collective Health. “With this spin-off, Customer Collective aims to inspire companies in the healthcare sector with marketing expertise from other sectors,” says Grégory Delens, Managing Partner at Customer Collective. Growth and performance marketing, for example, are two areas in which we have translated our experiences from other sectors into a healthcare-proof story. We have already achieved very good results with this for tens of different clients.”

Customer Collective Health’s ambition is to further develop this approach and to continue the focus on other strengths such as digital, customer strategy, data, technology and branding.

“We always start from the needs of the end customer and, based on those, put together a team with complementary profiles from the various entities of Customer Collective. We add our health-sector expertise to this. That is what distinguishes us from other players in the market,” concludes Bert Van Eeckhoudt.

About Customer Collective

Customer Collective helps companies build strong relationships that focus on their most important asset: their customers. We call this ‘Customer Ownership’ – the end customer is at the heart of every activity. This requires a unique combination of customer strategy, digital acceleration, data, technology and branding & performance. Customer Collective brings these 5 building blocks together by combining the strengths of The House of Marketing, Upthrust, Dignify, Fightclub and addData. For each project, we select the best profiles with complementary expertise and skills to generate the greatest possible impact.

Customer Collective is powered by Down2Earth and Quanteus Group.

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