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Leveraging data to boost your digital campaigns 

Thursday 4th of April 2024

Insights from Fightclub’s Head of Performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the shift from manual campaign management to algorithm-driven strategies has reshaped the role of marketers. Emilie Burez and Eveline Grosjean, of Fightclub, share their insights on adapting to this transformation and point to the strategic partnership they offer clients in navigating the complexities of digital maturity and data optimization.

Not too far in the past, establishing a robust online presence through digital campaigns required substantial manual effort. Today, algorithms, often leveraging AI, play a crucial role. They propose optimal ad timings, suggest keywords, and sometimes even craft ad copy. Although not all processes are entirely automated or AI-driven, an escalating number, such as tools like Google’s Smart Bidding are outperforming traditional methods. 

Beyond traditional data endpoints

This shift has changed the role of the marketeer. “We’re no longer able to tweak the dials like we could five years ago” say Emilie Burez and Eveline Grosjean, both Head of Performance and SEA consultants at brand and performance agency Fightclub. “Today it’s up to us to provide these algorithms with as much of the best, most relevant data possible”. They also put the current buzz around AI into perspective. “We’ve been working with different kinds of AI for years now. It is primarily a question of understanding how it works and then how to make it work for you”.

Acquiring high-quality data is crucial. Emilie and Eveline emphasize the significance of surpassing traditional data endpoints. For instance, beyond someone downloading a free demo or a customer leaving a website after browsing. Knowing whether they eventually purchase the full version or visit the store to buy the researched item is highly valuable information. Fightclub believes that establishing methods to gather and integrate such data into the algorithm is where it truly adds value. For example by setting up systems that incorporate information from a company’s sales team or acquiring it from the shops.

Pioneering new developments in data tech

Emilie and Eveline assist clients with varying levels of digital maturity, to navigate through a dynamic landscape of both familiar and overlooked data opportunities and optimization techniques. This positions them as strategic partners for some clients. A position that is further reinforced by their direct access to the addData’s and, if necessary, of other specialized entities within Customer Collective. Enabling them to deliver a comprehensive service. One that extends beyond capturing and implementing quality data, to also provide thorough result analysis and effective follow-up.

For today’s brand and performance agencies, up-to-date knowledge and rapid evaluation of even slight changes in data-related technologies are a must. “The fact that later this year Chrome will no longer use cookies will have a strong effect on a lot of advertisers, so that’s something that we’ve immediately started communicating to our clients”, Eveline points out. “Just like we were fast to embrace Smart Bidding to our customer’s advantage. Being a Google First Premier partner allows us to quickly test out new features and tools, to then put them to work for our clients, before their competitors catch on”.


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