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Customer Collective strengthens e-commerce expertise with acquisition of Ancor’d

Thursday 19th of January 2023

Customer Collective reinforces its role as business accelerator 

Diegem, 19 January 2023 – Customer Collective, the eco-system that supports businesses in their growth, has strengthened its expertise in e-commerce with the acquisition of Ancor’d.
Ancor’d is a rapidly growing e-commerce agency that is specialized in Magento / Adobe Commerce. “With the acquisition of Ancor’d we will be able to provide even better support to our customers both locally and internationally in the construction of strong e-commerce platforms”, says Grégory Delens, Managing Partner of Customer Collective. 

Adobe Commerce partner 

With Ancor’d, the Customer Collective group strengthens its expertise in building efficient and scalable e-commerce platforms on the basis of Magento / Adobe Commerce, one of the most effective platforms for the development of web shops. As Adobe Commerce partner, Ancor’d offers its customers a total package, from advice about entire e-commerce transformations and the many possibilities of Magento / Adobe Commerce to end-to-end project delivery. 

International team & global customers 

Ancor’d was founded with demanding customers in mind and wants to attract the best Magento talents, regardless of where they are located. Thanks to management teams in Belgium and Portugal and a team of developers, architects and project managers in more than five European and South American countries, Ancor’d is fully equipped to assist customers throughout Europe and the US which are looking for unequaled quality in the technical area. 

The e-commerce specialist is, for example, active in the Belgian textile sector for Stanley/Stella, but also supports an American b2b company in food distribution and has already worked with Customer Collective in the past on a variety of e-commerce projects. “The extensive expertise of Ancor’d in Magento / Adobe Commerce and the possibility of using that knowhow to the benefit of the business needs of the customer were decisive factors when reaching our decision”, says Emanuel Nuyts, Managing Partner of Customer Collective. 

High-end specialization, wider range 

The strong points of Ancor’d include the company’s expertise, transparency and no-nonsense approach. The team consists exclusively of carefully selected senior developers who are effortlessly able to translate complex business problems into robust technical results. Ancor’d distinguishes itself by providing timely sophisticated solutions and maintaining an open and fluent communication with the customers at all times. 

Ancor’d has been developing Magento / Adobe Commerce projects in various countries in Europe and the US for more than twelve years. The decision to concentrate exclusively on that specific tool was, moreover, a carefully considered choice. The flexibility of Magento / Adobe Commerce is, after all, unparalleled, which in turn makes every project immediately future-proof. This also allows small and medium-sized business grow into players at an international level. For Ancor’d, the strategy of engaging passionate experts in this specific but extensive software field has proven a recipe for success. 

“Together with Customer Collective we can continue to specialize in the construction of e-commerce platforms, and offer our customers a broader range with the added benefits of the entire group”, says Gabriel Somoza, co-founder of Ancor’d. 

About Customer Collective 

Customer Collective is an eco-system that brings together various experts. Those experts provide end-to-end support to businesses in achieving their growth plans, whereby the customer is always given a central position. The group concentrates on five pillars that are crucial for this growth: customer strategy, branding & performance, digital acceleration, data and technology. Since 2021 Customer Collective has bundled the strengths of The House of Marketing, Dignify, Upthrust, EnoRm, Fightclub, SalesX, addData and Webworks for this. Customer Collective is the home base for exceptional talent which, each from its own expertise, join forces in order to address the challenges facing the customer. The group is supported by Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group and now employs more than 400 people in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. For more info, please go to www.customercollective.eu. 

About Ancor’d 

Ancor’d is a rapidly growing professional service provider specialized in Magento and Adobe Commerce. With a passion to get the best out of the tools, the company assists traders in exceeding their business targets – without going over budget. 

Thanks to a worldwide team of e-commerce specialists, Ancor’d is a reliable partner for a diverse and exciting range of customers. The company’s unique and pioneering approach of directing specific development teams, enables it to deliver projects of the highest quality in a flexible and efficient way. 

The services offered by Ancor’d rest on three pillars: end-to-end project delivery, strategy & consulting and strengthening the in-house development teams.