Customer Collective enhances CRO expertise with acquisition of Online Dialogue

Wednesday 3rd of July 2024

DIEGEM – 03/07/2024 Customer Collective, a leading European marketing and technology group, is reinforcing the group with Online Dialogue. Based in Utrecht, Online Dialogue is a leading name in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and digital data-driven experimentation. This strategic acquisition allows Customer Collective to expand its suite of marketing services, delivering always-better solutions that propel businesses forward.


A multi-award-winning agency:

Founded in 2009, Online Dialogue has been a leading CRO agency for over 15 years. Celebrated for its multidisciplinary approach and strategic frameworks, Online Dialogue is the thought leader in the industry, winning a variety of awards: client awards (Beter Bed; Dutch Search Awards), agency awards (Best Agency of the world: Experimentation Elite) and employee awards (Data Professional van het jaar; DIN).

Renowned for its expertise, the agency showcases an impressive clientele including major companies such as ING, Vattenfall and DPG Media. In addition to being the leading agency in their sector, Online Dialogue guides businesses towards long-term growth by providing a range of accessible data and psychology courses and workshops through their Online Academy.

“Our amazing team and management are making online interactions as impactful and effective as in-person dialogues by leveraging behavioral data, applying behavioral science, and validating their findings through experiments.” said Bart Schutz, co-founder of Online Dialogue. “I’m excited that we can now ‘significantly’ amplify our success in getting ‘Validation in Every Organization’ by joining our super-skilled forces with the Customer Collective group!”


A unique methodology:

Online Dialogue integrates customer insights with psychological principles to enhance user experience. The approach involves delving deeply into the customer decision-making process, streamlining, and optimizing it for greater efficiency, resulting in increased conversion.

“We are thrilled to welcome Online Dialogue to the Customer Collective family,” said Gregory Delens, Managing Partner at Customer Collective. “This strategic acquisition strengthens our collective’s ability to deliver business value, taking our CRO expertise to the next level. Together, we look forward to offering even greater value to our clients and continuing to lead the way in marketing & technology innovation within the industry.”

“We are very happy to be part of Customer Collective’s family. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, as it combines our strengths and expertise to deliver value to our clients and partners. Together, we are well-positioned to drive experimentation, innovation and enhance customer experiences to achieve growth. We look forward to the opportunities ahead.” Ronald Peters (Marketing & Sales), Eddy Morreau (Operations) & Lotte Cornelissen (Product & Execution) from Online Dialogue.


About Customer Collective:

Customer Collective is a leading marketing and technology collective in Europe, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive tangible business outcomes. With a focus on strategy, technology & data, and digital & creative, Customer Collective empowers businesses to break away from the competition and stay ahead of the curve.

Customer Collective was founded with the support of Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group. Our collective includes the brands addData, Dignify, EnoRm, Fightclub, The House of Marketing, Upthrust, and Webworks.


About Online Dialogue:

Online Dialogue is a leading company specializing in digital optimization and behavioral science. Our mission is to help businesses improve their online presence and to adopt a data driven way of working. We combine insights from data and behavior with experimentation to deliver tailored strategies that create happy customer experiences, conversion and growth.

For more information about Online Dialogue: www.onlinedialogue.nl or www.onlinedialogue.com.