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The Challenge.

As one of the largest fuel suppliers in the Benelux, Q8 faced two challenges:

1 | Transition to a more diverse and sustainable revenue model
2 | Improve their customer retention

The Q8 management acknowledged that their team structure was not suited for future growth and that they lacked the necessary marketing knowledge and skills. In addition, their marketing automation platform Selligent wasn’t configured properly, which prevented an effective process.

Q8 relied on us for a mix of strategic and technical knowledge to implement practices for a best-in-class customer experience.

Our mission & approach.

We designed a new organizational structure, equipped with the essential capabilities required for a more data-driven and customer-centric environment. This strategic shift from a product-centric focus is set to significantly boost customer retention. Our transformative journey included:

• Evaluating customer experience
• Gathering market and customer insights
• Identifying quick wins
• Planning a long-term roadmap

Afterward, we expertly guided Q8 through the transition toward this innovative structure, focusing on four key steps:

1. Gaining a solid understanding of the existing structure.
2. Designing an organizational blueprint to pinpoint where value originates and identify critical processes.
3. Identifying and articulating the specific capabilities required for the strategic shift.
4. Creating a roll-out plan for the seamless implementation of the new structure and capabilities

The outcome.

As the Q8 project is still in full gear, we have a long, exciting path ahead of us. Our colleagues of Dignify, The House of Marketing, and Upthrust who currently make up the omnichannel team of Q8 are excelling in their roles and maximizing their impact every day.

Along with kickstarting the transformation, the first technical audit of the marketing automation tool was successfully completed.

In addition, innovation and crystallized value propositions have caused new working habits to emerge across the entire organization, accelerating the transition to a customer-centric and future-proof structure.


“Knowing there was a team who understood the situation and had our backs made a huge difference.

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