Bringing the Floya mobility app to life in BX: From strategy to implementation

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The challenge

STIB-MIVB is a major mobility player in Brussels. Together with the Brussels Region, they identified the need to launch 1 app that regroups different mobility partners for people living in Brussels (and coming to Brussels) to enjoy the smoothest ride possible to arrive from point A to B.

Our role was to help STIB-MIVB to define the positioning of their new Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app and define the whole marketing strategy, in collaboration with the existing partner agencies they are working with.

We can define this project in 3 steps:
1. Pre-launch preparation
2. Launch preparation & launch
3. Post-launch

Our mission & approach.

1. Pre-launch (value proposition)
Help defining the name of the new app
– Craft the value proposition
– Define the strategic marketing objectives
– Create the different personas, customer journeys and content strategy

2. Launch preparation & launch (go-to-market)
– Help with creation of a cinema commercial, digital assets, OOH billboards, radio spots
– Launch event and mobility week coordination
– CRM emailing campaigns preparation and implementation
– Data tracking set-up (together with AddData)
– Creation of the website & GDPR consent (together with Upthrust)

3. Post-launch (continuous improvement)
– Onboarding new clients
– Reporting figures & results tracking
– Continuous improvements based on results and learnings



Weekly active users


The Impact.

Clear Value Proposition.

Define clearly what Floya stands for, who its target audiences are and what they are looking for to craft the perfect marketing strategy and plan.

Brand new website.

Creation of a website from scratch to match the ambition of Floya and ensure good tracking of data.

Integrated marketing approach.

Go from the design phase all the way to the launch and optimization of the campaigns to maximize results in real-time.

Successful launch.

Launch of a new mobility app for Brussels working closely together with several partners ensuring good stakeholder management.

Campaign tracking & optimization.

Continuous tracking of results through Google Analytics 4 and challenging the performance agency to improve results.

SVP Marketing, Sales & Network Béatrice Pâques

Customer Collective enriches our marketing know-how, seamlessly transitioning from strategic vision to operational execution and collaborates effectively with all project partners.

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