Enhancing customer experience through the creation of a new online ecosystem.

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The challenge.

Van Marcke is a highly regarded brand that specializes in plumbing and sanitary solutions. With a wealth of experience and expertise, they offer an extensive selection of top-quality products and services. Whether it’s residential or commercial projects, Van Marcke provides professional guidance, energy-efficient solutions, and eco-friendly options to meet customers’ diverse needs.​

Van Marcke had different online platforms that did not connect to each other which meant:​

• Data not being centralized​

• All over the place customer experience​

• Entities managed by different stakeholders and using different technology

Our mission & approach.

1. Define

We conducted research to understand the Van Marcke ecosystem, aligning their business needs with a better user journey. We utilized a Priority/Complexity matrix to set the agenda for this initiative.

2. Design

In this phase, we iterated in agile sprints to deliver the design of the websites. ​

3. Deliver

We implemented the designs as well as connected all entities through a common platform (Drupal). ​

Increase in revenue


Increase in monthly transactions


New account registrations

The Impact.

A fresh website.

A new and responsive website fulfilling all the business needs as well as solving the existing customer pains of the old website.​

Customer-centric ecosystem.

A fully customer-centric ecosystem, aligned with market needs & differentiated from competitors.​

One platform.

All entities running on the same platform (Drupal), which simplifies processes and allows for a smoother experience. ​

Data centralization.

Full data centralization, enabling better decision making and customer insights in the future ​.

Beyond Belgium.

Further features and development beyond Belgium is the current focus as well as improving conversion.​

To sum up the Van Marcke project

The route to success is not a straight one, but that doesn’t stop us from pushing forward until we achieve the quality we aim for.

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