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Customer Collective launches SalesX

Wednesday 27th of April 2022

Diegem, April 27, 2022 – With the foundation of SalesX, Customer Collective enters the world of sales by providing sales consulting services, sales interim management and sales trainings in a modern and customer-centric way. The brand-new entity responds to the need of organizations to adapt to the new buying behavior and to maximize the output of its end-to-end campaigns.. 

Sven Lens, founder and managing director of SalesX: “Sales have changed significantly, and will continue to do so in the next years. Organizations need to step away from traditional ways of selling and review their processes and/or technologies by analyzing how their clients want to buy and what they expect. If they want to keep up and grow their business, the time is now. Tomorrow’s winners have to act today.”  

Modernize sales strategies 

SalesX helps entrepreneurs and B2B2C organizations of all sizes to modernize their sales strategy. They typically respond to sales questions such as, ‘How can I create more pipeline?’, ‘How can I close more deals?’ or ‘How can I increase my sales efficiencies?’.

The team of sales strategists and professionals at SalesX has a tremendous track record in all kinds of sales and marketing roles in a wide variety of industries. Powered by technology and data, this enables them to take a comprehensive view of the individual client situation and think out-of-the-box when defining the ultimate sales strategy.

Maximize the output of marketing tracks

“All companies in the Customer Collective group have always been very focused on delivering marketing capabilities such as interim management, growth marketing and performance marketing. But we also saw how our clients struggled to maximize the output of their marketing tracks when they handed them over to the sales department. With the launch of SalesX, we provide a solution that enables our customers to optimize every step of the end-to-end funnel”, says Dennis De Cat, managing partner at Customer Collective. 

About SalesX

SalesX is a sales consulting boutique helping entrepreneurs and B2B organizations to prospect and sell more. Our team of sales strategists and professionals offer sales consulting services, interim management, training & coaching. Powered by technology and data, we encourage customer obsessed thinking when drafting the most ideal sales & growth engine for our customers.

SalesX is part of Customer Collective.

More info on www.salesX.be

About Customer Collective

Customer Collective helps companies to build strong relationships centered around their most important growth asset: their customer. We call it ‘Customer Ownership’. The end customer is at the heart of every activity, including identifying its needs, the creation of products and services to fulfil those needs, building customer experiences and developing relationships through up- and cross selling and tackling the churn. This calls for a unique combination of strategy, digital, technology, data and branding & performance. Customer Collective focuses on five building blocks and therefore joining the forces of The House of Marketing, Upthrust, Dignify, Fightclub, addData and SalesX. Unlike other ecosystems existing on the European market, the companies work closely together. For each project they select the best profiles with complementary expertise and skills to have the best possible impact.

Customer Collective is powered by Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group.

More info on www.customercollective.eu. 

Press contacts

Dennis De Cat
Managing Partner Customer Collective
+32 (0)499 12 97 52  

Sven Lens
Founder & Managing Director SalesX
+32 (0)477 30 98 90